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My name is Martha Espin and I am a Health Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and the Spanish Psychologist Board.

I hold a BSc in Psychology from the University of Murcia and a MSc in Health Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from the International University of Valencia.

I have also studied Applied Behavioural Analysis in the Mexican Institute of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies and am constantly updating my knowledge on cutting-edge approaches for anxiety, depression, OCD, and trauma, among others. 

After training in cognitive-behavioural therapies for five years, in 2016 I set off on a trip around Southeast Asia that would change my life forever. I was going through a rough patch and seeing a psychologist at the time, but my mental health hit an all time low right before I left for the trip. However, I still went on the trip because I knew it would be good for me to get away for a little while and do something different.

Without a doubt, the highlight of my trip was having the honor to learn about  mindfulness from Buddhist monks in Thailand, where I stayed for two months. This experience touched me to such a degree that I felt the need to incorporate some of the core values I had learnt into my personal life and professional practice when I came back home. Self-compassion, kindness, and acceptance became part of my new focus of study.

In 2017, I carried out a research thesis based on the same mindfulness program I had taken the previous year in Asia. Amazed by the results of the research, I wanted to continue along that path. I soon switched to training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidence-based therapeutic approach underpinned by mindfulness and eastern philosophies, which, at that time, resonated more with my own personal development and my newly discovered values.

As of today, I am a trained ACT therapist and I try to incorporate as much of it as possible into both my sessions and my own personal life. It has been incredibly helpful and such a game changer for me.

How do I know I need therapy?

I guess if you ended up here it’s because you might need a little help navigating life right now.

We all might need a little help from a therapist at some point in our lives and there’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about that. It’s not a weakness to ask for professional help, it’s actually a strength because it shows self-awareness and determination.

I always say that therapy saved my own life and normalising the fact that we all need an extra hand with our mental health sometimes is the single most helpful thing we can do as a society.

You might have been feeling sad recently and some days you might find it harder than others to enjoy some of the things you used to enjoy in the past.

You might be feeling worried or anxious about your future, have an unclear life path, or a complicated job situation that is affecting other areas of your life.

You might be struggling at home due to conflicts in your relationships with family members or your partner and want to put an end to it and learn to do things differently to improve the situation. 

You might not even have a specific reason for starting therapy, but you just haven’t been feeling yourself recently and would like to find out what you can do to improve this and learn new skills to live a more meaningful life.

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Martha Espin

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So what is holding you back?

You know you’ve been longing for a change in your life, but you keep telling yourself it will just go away or get better. Let me tell you something: things don’t magically get better if we don’t actively work on fixing them, and you are only a click away from starting to create a happier and more meaningful life.

In this intro video call I will personally offer you:

  • A comfortable space where you can fully express yourself with a mental health professional who gets you because she’s been through (and overcome) similar issues.
  • An assessment of your current situation and specific needs.
  • Tailored feedback and a roadmap suggestion with actionable steps.
  • Insights to help you understand yourself and your issues better.
  • Answers to all the questions you might have about starting therapy with me.

I will make sure you feel seen and completely safe to talk about anything you are struggling with. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think your problem is, if it’s holding you back: I am here to help you find a way out.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Love, Martha x

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