Benefits of Online
Therapy Sessions

Online therapy is proved to be as effective as face-to-face sessions (American Psychological Association). More information.

A systematic review of 17 studies found that online therapy may be more effective than face-to-face counseling. Participants were equally satisfied with either type of therapy, but online therapy was found to be more cost-effective for clients than face-to-face therapy.
Online psychological therapy can be cheaper than face-to-face sessions as it saves the therapist the monthly costs of running a conventional practice, such as electricity bills or rent, which might have an effect on therapy prices. However, there are many more factors to consider when we talk about fees. Let’s not forget that when we hire a therapist, we are also paying for their continual professional development and clinical supervision, their further education and regular attendance to courses and seminars, professional fees, insurance, and all the hours of “unpaid” work that clients don’t really see, such as administration or test assesments.

Online sessions save you the time (and money) of getting ready, the journey to the clinic, finding parking and paying for it, and the journey back home (which could add up to another hour or two depending on which city you live in and how far you’d need to travel).

Some people say that “time is money”, but time is actually more precious than money. By choosing online therapy you will benefit from greater time flexibility as you will only need to take one hour out of your day, making it easier for you to fit the appointment into your schedule without it interfering with work, study, or any other responsibilities.

Some people don’t like the idea of being seen in the waiting room of a psychological clinic and that’s completely understandable. We are still fighting the stigma that going to therapy is something to be ashamed of, but it is true that online therapy can offer more privacy and confidentiality if we consider the fact that we won’t be seen going in and out of a mental health facility and we won’t bump into a familiar face on the way there. You will have access to your therapist from the comfort, safety, and confidentiality of your own home.

With online therapy, we break the geographical barriers that limit you to only accessing therapists and professionals in your area. 

Are you an expat living abroad in a non English speaking country and you would like to find a therapist who speaks your language?

Have you been forced to leave your country of origin due to financial or working reasons and feel displaced right now? Like you don’t belong? Would finding a therapist who you can relate to on a cultural or social background level make things a bit easier for you?

Or, on the other hand, would you like to find someone who is completely unrelated to your hometown, culture, and the people who live there because it gives you a perceived feeling of freedom and relief knowing that your therapist is a complete outsider to your current reality?

Does your current job or lifestyle involve travelling or moving around quite often so you can’t commit to being in a certain location for more than a few months?

Do you live in a conservative country or community where it might be difficult – and potentially dangerous – to open up about controversial topics such as religion or sexuality and you’re not sure who to turn to to speak about these issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then online therapy is for you.

But online therapy isn’t for everyone!

Of course not, and that’s fine. You need to do what works for you. Reasons online therapy might not work for you could include:

Click here or here for more information on helplines in the UK, and here for helplines if you are in the US.

Mindful Slow 23


50-minute sessions from the comfort of your own home.
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You could even be in different locations
Mindful Slow 15
Practise Mindfulness and other techniques in group!

So what is holding you back?

You know you’ve been longing for a change in your life, but you keep telling yourself it will just go away or get better. Let me tell you something: things don’t magically get better if we don’t actively work on fixing them, and you are only a click away from starting to create a happier and more meaningful life.

In this intro video call I will personally offer you:

  • A comfortable space where you can fully express yourself with a mental health professional who gets you because she’s been through (and overcome) similar issues.
  • An assessment of your current situation and specific needs.
  • Tailored feedback and a roadmap suggestion with actionable steps.
  • Insights to help you understand yourself and your issues better.
  • Answers to all the questions you might have about starting therapy with me.

I will make sure you feel seen and completely safe to talk about anything you are struggling with. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think your problem is, if it’s holding you back: I am here to help you find a way out.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Love, Martha x

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